Poland Extremely Active at the EU Summit in Brussels

Poland EU Summit in Brussels

Poland is working with France and Germany at the EU summit in Brussels to safeguard the number of grants through the healing fund and other Visegrad states.

EU leaders might be going home without reaching a deal.

The EU leaders are thinking about a 750 billion Euro and 1,074 billion Euro EU spending plan.

The compromise that was on the table on Sunday proposed an initial 400 billion Euros in grants, with a guideline of law compliance.

Austria was to get substantial refunds for farming costs and the Netherlands were to gain from a refund for its involvement in custom clearances.

The method the funds were to be divided was changed from the initial proposition so that 70 percent would be based upon historic GDP information from 2015-2019 and 30 percent from present information.

The proposed offer has been declined by the group of acting states, often called ‘penny pinchers’, who wish to decrease the spending plan by 25 billion Euros via a refund system. The group includes the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden, and supported by Finland, are asking that the healing fund must include 350 billion Euros in grant financing and 350 billion in loans.

The initial EC proposition was for 500 billion in grants and 250 billion in loans.

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Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, together with Central European states are opposed to any drop in grant financing listed below 400 billion euros. They think that the decrease desired by the group led by the Netherlands would include cuts in financing for the Green Deal and digitalization.

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has remained in routine contact with the leaders of the Visegrad States.

The position taken by Poland and Hungary over the funds to the guideline of law compliance has likewise been backed by Latvia and Slovenia.

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