Polish Minister Opening borders following the Coronavirus Pandemic

Poland Opening borders following the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Polish Minister launched brand-new details on the procedure of resuming borders in the European Union following the coronavirus pandemic.

In spite of the nation’s timeline to open its borders in the coming days, every nation will specify its own schedule of border openings given that the epidemiological circumstance varies from nation to nation.

The ministry said that talks on the complete opening of borders are held both at the EU level and between EU member states.

The majority of other EU states have stated that they will open on June 15th, nevertheless, there are some exceptions such as Portugal, Denmark, and Romania which have signified that the constraints will remain a bit longer.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests individuals go to the federal government site https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus where details on border openings will be put.

Numerous European nations will make their own requirements/rules for choosing which foreign residents are permitted to enter their countries. Montenegro has chosen to open its borders to people of nations with an active coronavirus case rate of fewer than 25 cases per 100 000 residents.

Beginning with June 15th, Polish people will have the ability/right to take a trip to Greece without needing to self-quarantine from airports that have been acknowledged by the European Aviation Safety Agency as “safe places”.

For Poland, it indicates that all airports with connections to Greece will have the ability to resume flights apart from the airport in Katowice, as the province of Silesia is thought about an active hot-spot for transmission.

The drive to resume/open EU borders has been led by the European Commission, which suggests that border controls are raised or lifted by June 15th followed by a partial and progressive resuming of the union’s external borders after June 30th.

The Polish Border Guard has summarized its activities throughout the 3 months’shutdown along the nation’s borders. Lieutenant Agnieszka Golias, a representative of the development, informed press reporters that the Border Guard has carried out 2.5 million inspections of individuals trying to get into the country up until March 15th.

Out of the 2.5 million individuals examined at the border, almost 2 million attempted to get in Poland through Germany. More than 670 officers from the Border Guard were used in the everyday operation of border control.

The representative of the Chief Sanitary Inspector Jan Bondar, who played an essential roll in these border controls, states that the opening of borders is one step closer towards normality. He did say, nevertheless, that the infection/virus hasn’t vanished and that it’s vital to keep cleaning their hands, using face masks, and observing basic concepts of social distancing.

He likewise prompted Poles who intend on going to other nations to learn all the regional anti-COVID guidelines in place in advance, in order to avoid needing to pay fines, which oftentimes can be really high.

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