Politics – A Word Disliked By The Majority

Politics – a word disliked by the majority. To regular folks, politics stands for corruption, abuse of power, laundering, and malpractices. 

Politics has made such an awful name for itself all over the world, even the most sincere politician is suspect.

Elections will come and go. Most of the population does not even bother voting. They already know, when someone is elected to power they quickly forget the electorate and follow cash and power. These chosen leaders can easily play havoc with our lives or bring peace and success to society. 

It depends on their choices and the involvement of the individuals. It holds true that political choices and activities impact all elements of our lives. Right from the beginning of any elections, prospects talk glibly about their strategies to work for the people. They do many speeches, hold rallies, charity events, and waste valuable cash and time – just for the sake of power.

Soon after when they are sworn in, they show the true colors. 

Chosen agents typically hold positions which they are absolutely unqualified to hold. Envision or imagine an illiterate political leader ending up as minister of education. Hard to believe, however, it is prevalent in numerous backward nations. Such a person will be completely unskilled and might wind up ruining the education system.

The commoner will not have the ability or power to do a darn thing, other than protesting as dreams disappear into oblivion.

It’s nothing new that money talks. Give a Kickback to that politician and policy will go in your favor. 

The cigarette and alcohol businesses with the support or backing of billions placed public health on the course to degeneration or deterioration. Yet our governments do anything.

This was exposed after many years when huge tobacco businesses were told/ordered by the courts to pay out billions to individuals experiencing illness obtained by cigarette smoking. 

Companies cut trees by the thousands to construct brand-new structures, all without any objections from the federal government. The environment suffers.
That’s the entire paradox of it. 
A lot of policies get formed without any consent or input from the public. They are powerless watchers of the political game.  Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation

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