Protesters Armed Themselves In ST. Louis Missouri

The protesters marching in St. Louis Missouri Sunday night were definitely armed, not with guns but with banners and chants, all intended to add pressure on Mayor Lyda Krewson so as to reroute money away from the police force.

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” Retire Lyda, take the polices along with you,” these individuals yelled over and over again, as they walked to the mayor’s residence in the West End of the city, clanging on drums and even holding signs calling for, “Respect all of us.

” The first-term Democrat published the names and even addresses of a few protestors in the past, and today, these people intended to deliver the message of dissatisfaction right to here front door.

Here come that GUNS

However, given that the group of around five hundred strolled near or on a nonpublic gated road, a white married couple came out of a marble estate home, had something else in mind.

About 6 p.m. Sunday, a shoe-less male wearing a pink collared t-shirt went out from the five-story home, lugging a semiautomatic gun, he started to intimidate the bunch of protesters. And just a few feet away another homeowner, a female, pointed a handgun on the group, her little finger right on the trigger.

First News Click team was not able to verify the couple’s identity this morning, as a video clip of the situation on social networks was shared out nearly 9 million times. The video recording had been so extensively distributed on social network sites that Trump himself retweeted the clip with NO breakdown early Monday morning. Below you can watch the clip for yourself of the protesters in St Louis today.


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