Quebec voted Canada’s least popular province:Leger | City News

In a poll conducted by Leger Canada, Quebec has been voted Canada’s least favorite province, with 21 per cent of the vote. The poll was filled out by approximately 1500 Canadians who were asked to vote for provinces outside their own. While most voters chose not to answer, Quebec’s vote was considerably higher compared to the province in second place, Alberta, which garnered 10 per cent of the vote.

Those who participated in the vote were asked to provide an explanation for their choices, with most citing Quebecers themselves with an overwhelming 49 per cent. Other reasons for Quebec’s unpopular vote included the high cost of living, as well as the province being a high threat to national unity with a 10 per cent vote on that particular subject. Meanwhile, British Coumbia won the vote for Canada’s favorite province by a significant margin. Quebec scored high in the areas of arts and history in terms of popularity, but still rather low on the poll for the favorite province.

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