Rape claims against fashion magnate Peter Nygard

Peter Nygard accused of raping a minor

A Canadian lady has stepped forward to claim that fashion magnate Peter Nygard sexually attacked her at his seaside estate in the Bahamas more than 20 years earlier.

Jane Doe 16, in a U.S. civil class-action suit implicating Nygard of sexually attacking and raping 46 ladies, consisting of 17 Canadians, states she was 19 at the time.

She is the very first Canadian to talk openly about what took place.

The claim was submitted in the Southern District Court of New York in February.

The suit declares that Jane Doe 16 was drugged, raped, and sodomized by Nygard while she was at his residence in the Bahamas back in 1998. “Nygard then supplied or offered Jane Doe No. 16 to his buddies, in exchange for something of value, who likewise raped and sodomized her,” the suit states.

None of the accused in the suit has actually shown up in court.

Nygard steps down from company after FBI raids New York ...
fashion magnate Peter Nygard

Nygard likewise deals with 2 other suits in the U.S. from 2 females who implicate him of sexual assault. He rejects all of the claims or accusations.

Nygard is a millionaire style magnate whose business, headquartered in Winnipeg, consisted of a number of clotheslines and 169 stores in North America and utilized 1,450 workers worldwide. In March, a Manitoba judge placed the business into receivership.

‘ He stated I might take pleasure in the beach’
Jane Doe 16 stated she met Nygard through her tennis trainer in the Bahamas at the time.

” He kept describing this person as ‘primary’ or ’employer’ and how he has a fantastic tennis court on his residential and commercial property and how he would enjoy taking me there to play tennis with him,” she stated in an interview.

CBC is keeping Jane Doe’s identity secret on her own request.

” The accusations by Jane Doe 16 are definitely and unconditionally rejected by Peter Nygard,” stated Nygard’s Winnipeg-based legal representative, Jay Prober.

In the claim, Jane Doe 16 states she went to Nygard’s residential or commercial property 3 times after which he asked her to remain “as long as she wished.”

” He stated I might delight in the beach and tennis”.

She states “it wasn’t delightful for long”.

” He began touching me and asking me if I ever had anal sex,” she stated in the interview. I stated, ‘No, that’s not something that I would ever do”.

She states that she was drugged.

” And I didn’t understand why he was asking me all these things and I began getting a little uncomfortable then, I likewise began feeling type of fuzzy and numb, like I was truly intoxicated, however, I didn’t believe I actually had that much to drink”.

She states Nygard raped her.

” He put me down on the bed, and he pulled my dress up, and he held me down and sodomized me, and I didn’t know what to do,” she stated through tears.

” I had never ever felt that sort of discomfort previously, and I was terrified, however, I was alone. And I could not stop it.”.

After the rapes, she claimed that Nygard “threw money at her.”

Nygard, a rich Canadian clothes maker, has rejected all of the accusations in all of the suits submitted against him, stating they have been made-up as part of a conspiracy from a next-door neighbour in the Bahamas.

Nygard’s long-running disagreement with the next-door neighbour, retired billionaire hedge fund tycoon Louis Bacon, started as a home argument more than a year back and has spiraled into a series of claims in a number of nations.

Nygard declares a number of his accusers have been paid to produce stories about him.

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