Religious Beliefs and Disasters

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Let us talk about Religious beliefs and Disasters, as soon as natural disasters take place, do people point the finger at God? Some people do!

What are the primary religious beliefs?

Major spiritual organizations
Christianity (34.6%).
Islam (27.1%).
Hinduism (15.1%).
Buddhism (7%).
Folk religions (5.7%).
Sikhism (0.29%).
Judaism (0.18%).

No matter what your religious beliefs (or perhaps lack thereof), it’s extremely alluring to associate all of the notable catastrophes to an All-powerful Being, casting his or her own rage upon the human race.

To do so offers peace of mind, maybe even when faced with death, carnage, and even misery, because if ever the almighty is actually responsible, then at the very least somebody is in charge, and with any luck, they come with a master plan that may come about at some point down the road as something great, and even maybe spectacular.

Acts of God(s): the role of religion in Disaster Risk Reduction - Humanitarian Practice Network

Nevertheless, to NEVER point the finger at or to the almighty presents a terrifying premise – in the event that our God isn’t the one bringing about these kinds of disasters then NO ONE is actually in command or in charge of this Planet, and all of the unpleasant things that take place.

Deity, Religious Beliefs and Disasters Explained

Assuming that there is NO deity associated, well then, humanity is genuinely at the mercy of a somewhat awful and nasty Mother Nature, that features or comes with absolutely NO master plan other than to whip people into submission.

In fact, in the extremely unlikely event that people make it through the typhoons, quakes, tidal waves, dry spells, and even ultra-violet radiations, in addition to asteroids and even comet impacts, at some point our sun is undeniably guaranteed to explode and burn every little thing and everyone in the planetary system to kingdom come.

Up until civilization discards its own frailty, and until humankind becomes advanced enough to avoid any kind of devastation’s hurled our way, having somebody up overhead to point the finger at is most likely to be part of the reasoning for a long time yet.

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