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Jon Ball

Jon Ball, a businessman who promised to be a unifying alternative, ousted Shady Cove Mayor Shari Tarvin Tuesday, 58% (819 votes) to 36% (508 votes), according to election results updated Wednesday afternoon.

“I really didn’t expect to win, and I didn’t expect to win that handily,” Ball said. “Our residents up here are ready for positive steps forward as a city, and that’s really refreshing.”

The only downside was that Ball said he was “bummed” about low turnout in the city, saying he would have liked to have seen at least 500 more voters.

“I thought it was such a big midterm election cycle; I thought we would have a big one,” Ball said. “I’m not sure why. But given what came out, I was really humbled. People want change. They want progress. I can feel the vibe up here.”

During the campaign, Ball described himself as approachable, thoughtful and hardworking. He also claimed he is not a politician.

“It was never on my bucket list,” he said. “Kind of by default, I’ve just been watching a spiral, let’s say, of our city council and government. (There’s) stagnation and disagreement. I decided to throw my hat in the ring because we need an option.”

When Ball was a boy, his parents always encouraged him to get involved when he saw conflict, and that mindset is what inspired him to run for mayor, he said.

“I think Shady Cove can be so much better,” Ball said. “I want to help the citizens. I don’t feel like they’re being listened to.”

His priorities as mayor including bringing in new businesses and boosting tourism, fixing the city’s internet connectivity woes and fostering “unity” among the people.

Ball’s previous government experience includes the Planning Commission. He was the owner of printing and sign companies before retiring and working part time at the local Ace Hardware. Ball graduated from California State University-Northridge.

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