Scott Atlas – The only way Covid-19 stops is if people rise up

President Trump’s executive consultant/adviser Scott Atlas has definitely let loose a tidal wave of critical remarks on himself after tweeting that “the only way Covid-19 stops is if people rise up” in reaction to new anti-coronavirus actions throughout Michigan.

” You get what you accept,” said the Stanford medical professional, who has become President Trump’s leading consultant regarding actions to the Covid-19 pandemic, mentioned within a Sunday night Twitter update that also included the #FreedomMatters and even #StepUp hashtags.

This set off a surge of furious posts, implicating him of looking to murder people, trigger physical violence, or even perhaps assault and hurt Governor Whitmer.  People started asking Twitter to close down Atlas at once.

Using a follow-up Twitter update, Mr. Atlas tried to clear up things by saying that he was “NOT EVER speaking in any way about physical violence,” but instead, about fighting with peaceful methods/means like “voting” and even “demonstrations.”.

Atlas tried to clarify that the United States pandemic guideline is actually federally sustained, yet state-managed & regionally carried out, firmly insisting that is how the federalism operates – still, the damages were beyond fixing and the cascade of critical remarks merely magnified.

Want a lot more mandates & solitary confinement? Get in touch with your governor. That’s state-controlled. Not federal. Period. He said.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), who launched a brand-new series of anti-coronavirus actions, personally fired back at Doctor Atlas, saying to CNN that she is “not going to be bullied in to not following reputable scientists and medical professionals.”. And the fight continues…

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