Serena Williams card breaks record for highest-selling women’s sports card at $117,000

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Serena Williams has added another record to her resume. At PWCC Marketplace on Monday night, a 1999 SI For Kids Series 4 Serena Williams Rookie card has sold for $117,000. This shatters the record for a women’s sports card.

The previous record for a women’s sports card was $44,280, set by, you guessed it, Williams.

Here is a look at the card sold:

The card was in the July issue of the Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. Williams’ card was in the issue along with eight other athletes. 

Since the cards were on a sheet with perforated edges, they were easily damaged. Only eight of the cards from all the July 1999 issues have been graded a PSA 10.

A 2003 Netpro Elite Glossy Tennis Serena Williams Rookie card also went for a lot at auction, breaking the previous record as well. The card, graded PSA 10, went for $96,000 and there are only 100 known cards like it.

Chris Callahan, Director of Marketing at PWCC commented on the sales, saying, “We’re extremely excited to see both the $117,000 and $96,000 sales for Serena Williams’ cards as it reaffirms what many of us already knew: that she is the greatest of all time.” 

Callahan added: “The sales also highlight the rapid growth in women’s sports cards over the past year. Through 2021, we saw a few records set for women’s cards, but the $117,000 sale is definitely a major step up as it more than doubles the previous record.”

Callahan said these sales reinforce the notion that card sales are on the rise.

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