Solar Roof: A dream comes true for energy-hungry homes

The New Tesla Solar Roof

Solar roof by Tesla has become the sensation in the world since its anticipation, the solar roof is a new housing concept in which the traditional roof tiles are replaced by solar tiles which look better than traditional tiles and also produce electricity for the property.

Thinking of this as a solution was an easy task but making the solar tiles that can replace traditional roof tiles was another thing, the cost, and utilizing traditional tiles was a herculean task. Yet it was done by Tesla he introduced the solar roof as a replacement for a traditional roof.

Today we will be discussing why solar roof tiles are better than traditional tiles.

The new tiles produce free energy for the home. Although some can say that it is not completely free as it requires a one-time investment of placing the solar panels on top of the house. But it is pertinent to mention here that the traditional roof will also incur the same one-time investment and it will not produce anything. So keeping that in mind, they can produce free energy and clean energy without endangering the environment.

The second factor which makes solar roofs superior to traditional roofs is that its solar roof is reliable compared to the traditional one.

It can bear more pressure and more harsh conditions as compared to the traditional roof tiles. Another factor that makes it better is that it decreases the overall expenses of any household by giving them more energy to consumers, to enjoy a more modern and facilitating lifestyle.

Imagine if you don’t have to pay for the electricity bills and yet enjoying more electricity than others. That is the deal being offered.

Lastly, in the USA right now, the buyers of these types of roofs are enjoying a tax bonus by installing them. Another service that is being offered by Tesla is the lease option for the solar roof.

According to the company, buyers won’t pay anything in advance for the roof.


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