Spain Confirmed 13798 COVID-19 Deaths

More people ded of the COVID-19 virus in Spain

Spain has confirmed 13798 deaths from the COVID-19 virus since the start of the pandemic, 743 of them in the last 24 hours.

It is higher than yesterday’s data, with 637 deaths, and Sunday’s, with 674.

The number of recoveries rises to 43,208 – with 2,771 new discharges registered in one day – and they already represent almost 31% of the total number of cases…

According to the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, the number of people affected by the coronavirus in our country reaches 140,510. There are 5,478 a day ago, which means a growth of 4% in cases (higher than Monday, but lower than last week).

There have been 138 new admissions to the ICU and the total number of people who are required to stay in these units amounts to 7,069 in hospitals across the country.

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