Starwars Hairstyle – May The 4th Be With You

The New Star wars Hairstyle

It’s clear that changing up your Starwars Hairstyle is the brand-new trend today, whether it is in cutting your own bangs, cutting your own hair, or something else completely.

And with this quarantine-inspired pattern of becoming your own hairstylist accompanying May 4th, we believe it just makes good sense to write some hair tutorials influenced by “Starwars Hairstyle ” to commemorate the celebration!

Princess Leia’s Starwars Hairstyle buns

Beginning with what is perhaps the most renowned “Star Wars” hairdo, we have Princess Leia‘s buns. Start by parting your hair directly down the middle and integrate the two areas into 2 ponytails right above your ears.

Start developing the bun by twisting the ponytails around themselves.

Have some hairpins handy so that you can pin the bun to your head as you cover the hair around the base. This is specifically crucial since you wish to develop or build-up a big, flat bun that partly covers your ears, so you’ll need to protect or prevent the hair from spreading it out as much as possible.

As soon as you’ve completed one side, repeat on the other side and you’re ready for the stars!

To do the well-known mohawk or “bun hawk,” you should begin by connecting back a small ponytail of hair at the front of your head.

How to Do Your Hair Like Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens ...
The star wars bun hawk

Next, collect a little area of your hair, ensuring to use the hair that you put in the ponytail to begin.

Protect it with a hair tie, however, leave your hair looped on the last rotation through the hair tie to produce a bun shape.

Then, with the tail of your very first bun, gather the next area of your hair and connect it off in the same way.

Repeat these actions with the staying area of your hair, and complete it off by covering any additional ends around the bottom bun. You must wind up with 3 buns going vertically down the back of your head!

And you are done…

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