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In 1934, Congress ratified the National Firearms Act, laws requiring weapons to be registered and taxed. On the floor, the act’s aim was to take a lower of the cash the burgeoning business was bringing in. But there was additionally a secondary motive: to limit the sale of weapons, subsequently being utilized in crimes, by charging gun consumers a $200 price.

In the many years since, the NFA has basically remained unchanged. Many nonetheless look to it as a means for the United States to manage what number of weapons make it to the market and into residents’ fingers.

While the NFA’s creators undoubtedly designed it to verify on the gun business’s progress, it has, sadly, failed to take action. This is partly as a result of the $200 tax has by no means gone up, and whereas that price was as soon as prohibitive, many individuals can afford the one-time cost as we speak. The significance of the gun business, fueled by an ever-increasing demand for weapons, has solely intensified within the many years since Congress ratified the act.

An estimated 393 million firearms are presently in personal possession within the U.S.—that is extra weapons than the nation’s complete inhabitants. In 2016, the U.S. manufactured an all-time excessive of 11.49 million firearms. This determine has decreased within the intervening years (to roughly 7 million), but it stays greater than twice that of 1986. Firearm imports have additionally elevated, with Turkey, Austria, and Brazil sending upwards of 3.78 million weapons to the U.S. in 2020 alone.

Gun possession and business, like gun tradition itself, differ. The diploma to which the gun business is entrenched in a given state just isn’t merely a matter of what number of firearms folks buy. It additionally has to do with the variety of sellers and if manufacturing happens within the state.

Stacker analyzed firearms commerce information from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to rank states based mostly on their complete variety of tax-paying occupational entities associated to the manufacturing and distribution of firearms. In quick, this information permits us to see which states have probably the most gun house owners and largest gun industries.

Read on to see the place your state falls within the rankings.

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