Sweden inspired by Canada’s renowned First Responder network

Sweden has taken notice of our award-winning First Responder network. The PSBN Innovation Alliance (PIA) is fresh off a win at the International Critical Communications Awards for ‘Best Government Authority Collaboration,’ last month. 

PIA helps safeguard Canadians by providing First Responders with access to critical data during crisis situations when it’s needed most. The network doesn’t just deal with First Responders.

PIA also works with commercial infrastructure entities like electric utilities, rail and transportation networks, transit systems, airports, and more, to ensure secure wireless communications for emergency personnel.

Representatives from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Swedish Police Authority exchanged ideas with the PIA; Maria Tilander, the International Cooperation Officer from MSB – Rakel, praised the “collaborative engagements with critical communication authorities” as “essential to create emergency services networks” that are reliable.

Halton Police Chief Stephen Tanner believes the groundbreaking Canadian PIA system will be the “critical technology framework for 911 operations over the next 25 years.” 

“The Halton Police developed and deployed model ensures that first responders have access to ‘always-on’ critical data in the moments that matter – across natural disasters and during day-to-day 911 calls. This mission critical technology will help save countless lives over the years ahead.” – Chief Stephen Tanner, Halton Regional Police Service.

PIA has expanded fast since it was founded in 2019. The non-profit organization now boasts over 65 members which include governments and commercial partners from Canada and the rest of the world.

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