Today’s Business News Headlines – TECH GIANTS FIGHTING AGAINST COVID-19

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The whole world is fighting against the novel coronavirus. In this regard, Today’s Business News Headlines say that every sector is playing its role regarding the pandemic.

According to Today’s Business News Headlines, big tech companies are providing free tech equipment to medical staff fighting against the coronavirus. Companies are also making tracking systems and protecting hospitals from cybersecurity attacks as governments are focusing primarily on medical services.

 Here are some of the best services from big tech companies in these tough times:


If you don’t know about Bannersnack, It is among the biggest ad’s creation and Advertisement companies, besides this, they also provide team collaboration to their users. In this tough time, The platform has won the hearts of millions as they decided to provide free team collaboration to all persons connected with COVID-19. Not only this, but they also provide free training to all users. Using this platform, you can create your marketing strategy in minutes.

 Twilio’s Video Platform now 100% for COVID-19 FIGHTERS:

 Twilio’s is another great video platform and this time they have offered free video service to its users for 90 days. They named it “Twilio Boost program” users can sign up on their website for more details.

Gazelle donated FREE iPads to health workers:

Gazelle is an online store that sells mobile phones, computers, and other smart gadgets with revenue of more than 100 million dollars, but, according to Today’s Business News Headlines, they have given 300 iPad’s to the front line worker in the United States. According to the company, this step will help medical staff in communicating with each other as well as to their loved ones, thus not only promoting social distancing but also keeping in touch

Apple and Google Joined hands-on COVID-19 contact tracing:

One of the biggest news for the world is that two big tech companies Apple and Google decided to collaborate and design devices for tracing COVID-19 patients. These two companies have developed Api’s and technologies that will help alert government agencies of cases in a specific area. It will trace COVID-19 patients and send reports to government agencies so they can alert the local public about the matter.

The APIs will also use Bluetooth technology to detect virus affected patients nearby thus promoting social distancing and making people safe from this pandemic.

 There are a lot more names that offer great discounts and FREE services. These companies once again showed that they are not only big in terms of their services but also of their generosity.

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