The ‘best health care jobs’ in 2022, according to U.S. News

U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of the “Best Health Care Jobs” in 2022, with nurse practitioners topping the list.

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For the list, which includes 29 jobs, U.S. News evaluated each job’s:

  • Unemployment rate
  • Future job prospects
  • Median salary
  • Stress level
  • 10-year growth percentage
  • 10-year growth volume
  • Work-life balance

The best jobs in health care

According to U.S. News, the 10 best jobs in health care in 2022 are:

  1. Nurse practitioner
  2. Physician assistant/associate
  3. Speech-language pathologist
  4. Physician
  5. Registered nurse
  6. Respiratory therapist
  7. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  8. Nurse anesthetist
  9. Veterinarian
  10. Physical therapist

In addition, U.S. News ranked the best health care support jobs. The top 10 jobs included:

  1. Diagnostic medical sonographer
  2. Occupational therapy assistant
  3. Home health aide (tie)
  4. Personal care aide (tie)
  5. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse
  6. Orthotist and prosthetist
  7. Massage therapist
  8. Clinical laboratory technician
  9. Physical therapist assistant
  10. Medical assistant 

Health care jobs also accounted for four of the top 10 jobs included on U.S. News‘ list of the 100 Best Jobs in America in 2022, which covers jobs across all sectors. The health care jobs that made the top 10 of the broader list include:

  • Nurse practitioner, at number 2
  • Physician assistant/associate, at number 3
  • Medical and health services manager, at number 4
  • Speech-language pathologist, at number 10

In addition, health care jobs accounted for 14 entries on U.S. Newslist of the 25 best-paying jobs—and claimed the list’s top 11 spots. Those 14 jobs are:

  1. Anesthesiologist
  2. Surgeon
  3. OB-GYN
  4. Orthodontist
  5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  6. Physician
  7. Psychiatrist
  8. Prosthodontist
  9. Nurse anesthetist
  10. Pediatrician
  11. Dentist
  12. Podiatrist
  13. Pharmacist
  14. Optometrist

“It is no surprise that health care occupations continue to dominate the Best Jobs general rankings; the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly helped underscore the essential role they play in all of our lives,” said Antonio Barbera, consumer advice senior editor at U.S. News. “The low unemployment rates and strong future prospects for many of these roles certainly reflect that.”

For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs such as physician assistants/associates will continue to be in high demand due to several factors, including the growing and aging population, a higher number of patients living with chronic diseases, income increases, and advances in medical technology, which will continue to expand the number and types of available treatments. (U.S. News & World Report, Best Health Care Jobs list, accessed 1/11; U.S. News & World Report 100 Best Jobs list, accessed 1/11; U.S. News & World Report Best-Paying Jobs list, accessed 1/11; U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs methodology, accessed 1/11; U.S. News & World Report press release, 1/11)

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