The Face Mask – Don’t Leave Home Without It

The Face Mask - How To Use Them Properly

The minute you leave your home, people typically grab keys, pocketbook, and even telephone. As of Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, The Face Mask is a thing people can not leave the house without.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, medical authorities, such as Debbie Vaughn, the head Official in Raleigh Medical facility, pointed out face masks are going to safeguard/protect individuals from the virus.

” Putting on a face mask not only safeguards/protects you it also protects others,” Vaughn mentioned. “If you have a couple of people not using a face mask, your possibilities of contracting the infection or virus are higher, until both have face masks on.”

While this reporter was listening to her speak, a person sitting beside me ( who wanted to be anonymous ) showed me a picture on his cell phone of a Box that some of these face masks come in, and it clearly said that it does NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19 VIRUS.

Here is that photo:

Governor Phil Murphy on Twitter: "We need you to: 😷Wear a face ...

Certainly, there are various kinds of face masks, from self-made to N95 face masks. Vaughn said that using a face mask helps prevent particles consisting of the virus from spreading when anyone coughs or maybe sneeze. She in addition stated there is a correct and incorrect technique or way to use a face mask.

” I use one and it must cover the bridge of my nose,” Vaughn mentioned. “I see folks using them below the nose, which is certainly not a correct way to use a face mask because what happens is that you still inhale and breathe out. Therefore it needs to be completely covering your nose as well as your mouth.”

With regard to individuals with physical health problems that believe face masks are going to make things difficult to breathe, Vaughn claimed she personally understands what they are experiencing, however, she continues to stress the significance of using a face mask.

“Well I can tell you I have very serious bronchial asthma and I use it because it’s better to use the face mask than gamble and catch the virus and ending up being extremely sick,” Vaughn pointed out.

Vaughn stated, “whenever anyone leaves a building and is not actually around people, remove the face mask”.

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