The killing of George Floyd

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The flood of demonstrations and brutality set off by the killing of George Floyd has touched every corner of the United States.

The death of Floyd, an unarmed black male who was pinned to the ground and choked out by a policeman, resonated with lots of protesters, even outside Minneapolis where the catastrophe took place.

” I got little siblings, I got nieces, nephews,” a protester Briana Jenkins informed First Coast News team in Brooklyn, New York. “I’m terrified for them to head out in the general public and not be among us, you feel me. You do not even  want your kid going to the local store because you do not know what might take place.”

Jenkins was among numerous protesters who collected in Brooklyn to reveal their anger. Though the demonstrations or protests initially started in harmony, law enforcement officers ultimately pepper-sprayed and took on rowdy protesters who broke through the barriers.

Numerous individuals were apprehended in the clashes.

” They killed that guy and they must be prosecuted and go to prison,” one female in Dallas, Texas, said. “If I kill someone, I am going to prison; there won’t even be a trial. It won’t be ‘innocent till proven guilty,’ It’s going to be ‘guilty till proven innocent.'”.


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