This Is What Donald Trump Did So Far

What Did Trump Do?

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DONALD TRUMP set up a listening session on police-reform. He had personnel working feverishly behind the scenes to craft an executive order to attend to a systemic illness in the police. His group indicated they had an interest in Sen. TIM SCOTT’S (R-S.C.) reform effort. …

… BUT HE LIKEWISE safeguarded the honor of dead Confederate generals for whom U.S. military bases have actually been named.

TRUMP is torn.

Torn between the impulse to speak and deal with his base, and the needs of governing a multiracial nation in the throes of unmatched chaos and turmoil. 

HE APPEARS EAGER to sign an executive order to stop the racial protests that are roiling through the country. He wants to go back to a time that many people think no longer exists: massive rallies (he arranged one in Tulsa), charity events (he has one tonight in Dallas), and summer season holidays (he is going to his golf course in New Jersey tonight). MIKE PENCE went to a TRUMP/PENCE meeting or rally and published an image of people standing shoulder to shoulder without masks – an image they later on erased.

Trump planned on this election year

TRUMP APPEARS SINGULARLY FOCUSED on financial signs like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the joblessness rate and appears to have trouble coming to grips with intangibles.

IT’S ALMOST THE MIRROR IMAGE of BARACK OBAMA  who tended to downplay| minimize hard facts focusing intently on the arc of America.

WHERE’S THE DEAL-MAKING PRESIDENT? … “Democrats stiff-arm GOP’s ‘cosmetic’ cops reforms”: “The early divide sees a partisan deadlock is rather possible regardless of a rise in assistance for reform after the killing of George Floyd by authorities in Minnesota.

President Trump is preparing executive actions to suppress misbehavior and is most likely to back Scott’s exbill. However, Democrats have significant sway over what is manageable in Congress, with control of the house and an efficient veto in the Senate with the power of the filibuster.

” While Democrats are under pressure from their base they are likewise staring at an election season that might provide both the Senate and the White House– and with those rewards would come the possibility of advancing more sweeping reform.

COMPETITORS … “As Trump has a hard time to reacting to crises, internal ballot imparts worry in advisors: “The president, who is known to call numerous advisors and pals outside the White House in addition to talking to project assistants daily, is listening to way too many people who some deem troublesome.

” A number of sources especially indicated Jenna Ellis, the president’s project legal adviser who’s consistently stimulated debate over remarks she’s made on social networks, like last month assaulting female White House press reporters of color on Twitter for asking what she called ‘silly concerns’ at press time.

” Ellis likewise buffooned Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading member of the White House coronavirus task force, tweeting that she relied on ‘the regional weather report’ more than the country’s leading contagious illness professional.”

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