Today’s Business News Headlines Announces First SpaceX Crewed Flight for May 27

Like the previous year, today’s business news headlines said that NASA has sent two American astronauts to the space station.

To keep the momentum going, NASA has decided to send two more American astronauts to space stations from American soil.

Furthermore, NASA told the media that it would be the “first crewed flight after a long time”. NASA is an independent space organization with 17,219 employees and has 69 active missions under its belt. Since 2011, the United States is relying on Russian rockets for sending astronauts to the space station.


According to today’s business news headlines, NASA has decided to perform its space mission in May. This Time NASA has chosen American astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley for this mission. NASA will use Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon spacecraft both build by another big space company SpaceX.

SpaceX is a private aerospace company founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2002. Its headquarters is in California with 7,000 active employees. SpaceX design reusable rockets that return to the Earth after completing the mission. Falcon, which was the first liquid propellant who reached the orbit, was sent by SpaceX. Similarly, Falcon heavy is another most powerful rocket with 5 million pounds. SpaceX rockets will start its flight at 4:32 pm on May 27 and will fly from historic launch pad 39A.

This was the same launch pad from where Apollo’s mission was launched. The two astronauts Behnken and Hurley have been training for years for this mission. This mission has surely great importance for the United States. The mission uses SpaceX rockets thus it will make the USA free from relying on Russian rockets. The currently used crew capsule is a modified version of the Dragon capsule, which NASA has been using for its previous missions since 2012.


Till now there are two Russian astronauts and one American Astronaut who has reached international space station thus this mission is very important for the USA and it will bring the USA in the front line against Space mission achievements.

According to today’s news, the mission will take approximately 24 hours for them to reach the station but the question is how much they will stay there? It is still not determined by NASA.

NASA for a few years now has been focusing on US-based products.


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