Today’s News – Finding a Vaccine for COVID-19

COVID-19 is one of the biggest problems of 2020. It started back in November 2019, then continued to increase, and according to today’s news, the active cases of “corona increased to more than 2 million, which is a new record”, according to Governmental sources.

But in this tough time, different sectors are going above and beyond to fight against this novel corona. Artificial intelligence is one of them.

This field is already considered to be the future of technology and has done a great job of helping mankind. Starting from robots that disinfect hospitals as well as using OpenCV to make security devices more intelligent. Oxford-based Dr. Scientia was the first person to discover AI medicines for human trials. Cambridge based company named Healx has developed a system to make drugs that are not possible by ordinary means.

 This system is divided into three parts:

  • Search through all the literature related to the disease.
  • Study the structure of viruses.
  • Check drugs for its sustainability

Road-map in discovering the vaccine:

Dr. Brown, the co-founder of Viagra told reporters that “I have been doing this for a long time” and introduced three drugs by using this method. He further said that “IA has proved very beneficial in this process” and he has gathered all the details that we need in “discovering vaccines”. The algorithm has already started working this Easter and will gather reports within 7 days. The company is confident that it will gather all the required information by May. The company is already in talks with the lab to take that prediction or information to clinical trials.

There are 2 outcomes in discovering medicines through AI.

  • Find a new drug and wait for a few years to let it be approved by the scientist.
  • Re-purpose existing medicines.

According to today’s business news headlines, AI is among the best solution to achieve high-quality results, but, to do that we need a large quantity of pure and high-quality data. There is a great need to collect this data for creating AI medicines that will help us in creating the drugs needed in a very short time.

Normally creating the medicine without AI would take years as there is a lot of documentation but due to the use of zoom calls, the first process is completed in just 3 weeks instead of 1.5 years. This is a great achievement in creating a vaccine for novel corona. The fusion of AI and network-based medicine has led to the creation of 81 potential drugs that would help us in fighting against diseases. 

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