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Today’s News Stories – Google has been proved beneficial for its users keeping the momentum. The company has announced a free YouTube learning service for its users who are locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

YouTube Learning, the new feature will allow people to learn several things like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Language Research, Biology, Examine Hacks, and many more from YouTube education.

It’s a great opportunity for students who want to learn something from a professional. It is a great step for those students who cannot afford high-quality education in schools and universities, using this service they can learn modern education on their laptop or computer. According to Todays News Stories, this function will prove very useful for people who want to utilize time in productive and useful activities. 

Education for all:
YouTube Learning has started this project in English and Hindi, but they promise to add more languages like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and other languages in the near future. This will help people who don’t know English but still have a strong desire to learn.

Further, Google assured that this feature will quickly be equipped with premium service of Google Meet Video Conferencing to assist college students and lecturers but according to Todays News Stories, this feature will take time and will be launched by September 2020. This feature will allow 250 people to communicate with each other at a time. Not only this, but the firm has also launched an educational platform named as Edu Hub containing sources for learning. The company has also launched a kid’s book, app Bolo.

Google Kids Zone:

Google is also creating a group where students from all over the world can download educational apps, and the best part is these apps will be “Teacher approved”, the teacher will check them and examine them for quality and then approved them.

The apps will be made especially for kids and be checked thoroughly for high standards to make sure these apps are helping children. This will be launched end of the year because things still need to be setup. It is the second project by Google. The Google kids Part will start from the USA and then will be made available to the whole world.

But, the YouTube Learning feature will be starting very soon. Great news for kids, college students, and lecturers!


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