Top Business News Today reports that Iran Increased Its Uranium Stockpiles

Top Business News Today reports on Uranium Stockpiles In Iran

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According to Top Business News Today, the report from IAEA says that uranium stockpiles reached 1510 kilograms whereas agreement was to keep Iran nuclear resources below 300 kg.

According to the UN nuclear watchdogs, Iran has five times increased its uranium supplies before an agreement was signed between world Superpowers.  

Back in 2015, Iran signed an agreement between the USA, China, Britain, France, and Russia that he will keep its nuclear assists below 300 kg.

This agreement was named as joint Comprehensive plan of action. In return, Iran will get big economic incentives for doing this which Iranian government happily accepted at that time but when Donald Trump came into government USA president escaped from this deal in 2018 and thus USA start to put sanctions on Iran. In response to this Iran started to build its nuclear plan turning deaf ear to the United States.

Top Business News Today reports the danger of an atomic bomb

Analysts consider this stock enough to produce an atomic bomb which is against the agreement done among superpowers.

Iran needs about 90 percent enrichment in his program to make a nuclear bomb but till now it’s not more than 4.5%.

According to the report, the US watchdog admonished Iran for not providing enough information about undeclared areas and his past activities in this area.

IAEA is desperately seeking for these places to collect more evidence against Iran but according to IAEA

IAEA agencies have still not given access to these undeclared areas not only these Iranian officials are also not giving enough clarification for these allegations. Furthermore, the director-general called on Iranian diplomat asked him to cooperate with the IAEA officials. Not only in answering the questions but also in providing evidence about undeclared materials.

In response to this Iranian official Told that Iran is not bound to answer any allegation imposed on it by US officials.

IAEA also revealed three places where Iran could be holding his undeclared nuclear supplies.

According to today’s business news headlines, Iran has 94 new deaths in a single day taking the tally to 4869 and active cases of 77,995 thus Iran is fighting hard on both sides. Sanctions have caused deep damage to Iran and they have multiple times appealed to the international community to remove sanctions so they can buy medical equipment.

IAEA alleged that since agreement Iran has not only violated the limit of uranium capacity but also violated other JCPOA including storing a large reserve of heavy water.

In response to all allegations, Iranian officials say that “our agreement is directly linked with economic incentives”.

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