Trump Doubled Down on Exceptionalism

Trumps Exceptionalism

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President Donald Trump doubled down on United States exceptionalism and once more repainted himself as a layman battling the Democrats as well as the establishment.

The speech continued for more than an hour, a lot longer than Biden’s a few days back during the Democratic event. Still, while Biden talked to a totally empty reception hall in Milwaukee, Trump talked outside the White House, during the collapsing heat of summertime in Washington, DC – and in front of more than 1000 people.

Trump laid out the Republican’s stance/position for 2020 as trying to undo the damages done by the former party; fighting for law and order with protesting crowds and lawlessness, and making American great( er) once again.

Even though the tone of his speech was generally jagged – looking like a campaign move, and at other times looking like a State of the Union – Trump was noticeably burning out by the conclusion, however, the underlying news was clear-cut.

Time after time, Trump pounded Biden & the Democrats about the big difference in achievements in the course of many democratic years in power, and his one term.

We invested the last 4 years turning around the damages Joe Biden caused in the previous 47 yrs.

Trump outlined Biden & the Democrats as globalists grateful to China financially, ruining American citizen jobs and business sectors, opening up borders, and starting never-ending international WARS – that he is actually making an effort to stop.

” How can Joe Biden claim to be an ally of the light, when his very own party can not even keep the lights on?”

Trump bantered/joked, bringing up previous week’s power interruptions throughout the state of California – still, it was a wisecrack/poke on the style of Biden’s pep talk recently, as well as the attempts by the press to implicate Republican politicians of being “dark and even divisive.”

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