Trump Has a New Project Supervisor

New Project Supervisor for Trump Has been Elected

Donald Trump has a new project supervisor now, however, denied his Twitter handle because of a hack on the platform.

“I am pleased to reveal that Mr. Stepien has been promoted to the position of Project Supervisor,” Trump stated in a lengthier-than-usual social networks post on Wednesday night, including that his previous project head, Brad Parscale, would stay in charge of “digital and information duty” and maintain a position as a senior consultant.

Both [Stepien and Parscale] were associated with our historical 2016 win, and I anticipate having a huge and really big 2nd win together.

While it’s uncertain what triggered the swap, the News media said that the president was “mad” with Parscale over an unsuccessful rally in Oklahoma last month. Parscale hyped up the occasion, claiming that it was flooded with over one million ticket demands, yet the rally itself wound up drawing just 6,000 attendants.

Though the previous project supervisor blamed the bad turnout on heated demonstrations staged outside, alternative theories are now emerging that pranksters bought up countless tickets to leave the seats empty on purpose.

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