Trump Wants “Anarchists” To Turn Themselves In

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for a couple “anarchists” to turn themselves in after they damaged sculptures of George Washington in New York City.

” We have these people on video footage,” Trump mentioned on Twitter. “These people are going to be prosecuted and even face ten years behind bars on the grounds of the Monuments and Statues Act. Give up now!”

Law Enforcement within New York city published a video clip revealing a couple of unknown males tossing balloons full of reddish paint at sculptures in Washington Square Park, Manhattan.

Trump twittered recently that he had already “authorized the federal authorities to apprehend any individual that destroys or damages monuments, sculptures, as well as other federal government property in the USA.”

Trump additionally signed an executive order stating that his administration “will never permit violent mobs to destroy our past history that may be commemorated in communal areas.”

The order calls on the federal government to indict people “using all of the power given by federal government legislation.”

Govt district attorneys at the big apple have cracked down on individuals implicated in burning police cars amidst demonstrations and riots in response to the death of George Floyd.

A couple of Brooklyn lawyers were just recently arrested for this and might end up behind bars for half a century for setting fire to a vacant police car last month.

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