Twitter got rid of countless accounts connected to QAnon

Twitter accounts connected to QAnon

Twitter eliminated countless accounts connected to QAnon, a group that was spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation online.

” We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on posts that have the potential to cause offline damage,” Twitter’s security group stated late Tuesday in a tweet. “today we are taking even more action on the so-called ‘QAnon’ activity throughout the service.”

More than 7,000 accounts have now been eliminated in the last number of weeks, according to Twitter.

It also restricts the reach of QAnon activity on its platform of 150,000 accounts worldwide.

QAnon started as a single conspiracy theory. However, its fans now act more like a virtual cult, mostly adoring and drinking whatever disinformation the conspiracy neighborhood spins up, sources said.

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Its primary conspiracy theories said that lots of political leaders and A-list stars operate in tandem with federal governments around the world to take part in the sexual abuse of children.

Fans likewise think there is a “deep state” effort to wipe out President Donald Trump.

” We will completely suspend accounts Tweeting about these subjects that break our multi-account policy, collaborating abuse around specific victims, or are trying to avert a previous suspension – something we’ve seen more of in current weeks,” Twitter stated.

Twitter’s multi-account policy restricts collaborating with others to synthetically engage or enhance discussions.

“There’s no proof that any of what QAnon claims is accurate”, they said.

Fans make unproven claims and magnify them with doctored or out-of-context proof published on social networks to support the accusations, they said.

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