Twitter Spaces: How to record, share and delete Spaces

Twitter recently added the ability to record Spaces, its implementation of audio-only chatrooms. The feature was available to select users for a while, but since last week, Twitter allows all hosts to record their Spaces. Now, the platform has released a mini guide on how to record Spaces that all hosts can follow.

“Twitter has introduced Spaces recording as a way to keep the conversation going even after a Space has ended. It equips creators and hosts to further amplify their content to grow their reach and audience. At the same time, it ensures listeners don’t miss out on any Spaces about topics that interest them,” Twitter said on the availability of the feature.

Here’s how to record your Spaces in a few easy steps.

When creating a Space, toggle on ‘Record Space’. While recording, a logo will appear at the top to indicate that the Space is being recorded.

Note that only those with speaker privileges will be recorded in a Spaces recording. Once the recorded Space ends, only the Host will see a link to share the Space recording out via a Tweet. The hosts can then share the tweet with their followers.

Prior to sharing the tweet, hosts will have the option to select where it starts with ‘Edit Start Time’, which allows them to cut out any dead air time that might occur at the beginning of a Space. This is especially useful to keep things short and to the point as Spaces can already be lengthy recordings.

To playback a Spaces recording, users can simply click on the ‘Play Recording’ button on any Spaces Card in your timeline.

Hosts will have the ability to download the Space in the ‘data’ folder of their Data download. They can also choose to ‘Delete Recording’ of recorded Spaces at any time.

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