“Everyone please leave the room and shut the door,” a UVD robot said to the person and then start disinfecting the room.

According to Today’s News, COVID-19 has spread to more than 2 million people and about 213 countries. The worst thing is that its vaccine is still undiscovered.

Social distancing is one of the prime safety measures everyone must take, but what about the patients that need the help of doctors and nurses?

These people are at great risk and are struggling hard to fight against this novel corona.

In this tough time, one thing being looked at is the use of Robots to disinfect viruses and provide services to the hospitals.


The vice president of UVD Robots told the media that these robots can speak different languages based on the conditions.

  • They speak Chinese as well.
  • The Robot Use ultraviolet light to kill microbes and viruses.
  • The vice president added that these robots are being built in the commercial for sale in Asia and Africa.
  • A lot of robots are working in China especially in Wuhan.

Chief Executive of UVD Robotic program told reporters that “our business has been growing from the time we go into this market”, and that “the novel corona has skyrocketed our sales and we are getting huge demands from different countries”.

Truckloads of UVD robots have been shipped to China, especially in Wuhan where this virus originated.

He further added that “Italy has demanded a lot of Robots from us to fight against this novel corona”.

According to today’s business news headlines, the virus caused 22 thousand deaths and they are continuously importing medical equipment to fight against this novel corona.


 It takes just one day to build one robot in Odense, Denmark’s growing robotic hub.

Eight bulbs in the Robot emit UV-C light that destroys the DNA stricture of viruses and bacteria’s thus stopping them from replicating further. The light is also harmful to humans, so everyone must stay outside.

It takes almost 10-20minutes for Robots to clean the room.

The Robot was built in early 2019 in collaboration with Odense University Hospital and Blue Ocean Robotics.

Now you might be asking, how much will it cost?

So, it costs $ 67,000  each and is cheaper than using other equipment to disinfect the hospitals. Hence using such Robots has helped medical staff as well as the government to fight against this novel Coronavirus.


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