What Cuba needs to do to keep the Money

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The State Department said the Cuban federal government understands what Cuba needs to do to keep the Money: get the military out of business, a proposition that Havana has gotten unwillingly.

” The government understands what it needs to do. There are channels to send out remittances that do not go through the militarist that repress their own and foreign people, such as Venezuela, “stated Mara Tekach, planner of the Department of State’s Office of Cuban Affairs.

Tekach guaranteed that the goal of the State Department is that the military “can not control the funds of Cuban households for the functions of the program.”

” There are options. There are other alternatives that have existed for years, “he firmly insisted without offering more information.

The United States revealed in October that it will forbid remittances to Cuba through business managed by the Cuban armed force, something that will impact the sending out of cash to the island, more than 3.7 billion dollars yearly if a business such as Western Union and the Cuban federal government can not discover a short-term workaround. Remittances to Cuba are the 2nd income source to the island after the health services that Castro offers to other nations…

Western Union sends out $ 2.4 million a day to Cuba and approximately $ 1.5 billion a year, according to the most recent quotes by John Kavulich, president of the US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, based in New York. Practically half of the remittances that are sent out to Cuba will be cut due to the United States sanctions at the end of November, however, in Washington, they wish to leave the door open.

Some specialists have recommended that the Cuban federal government might move the properties of Fincimex, the approved military business that processes donations, to state banks such as Banco Popular de Ahorro, Banco de Crédito y Comercio or Banco Metropolitano. Cuba has declined to move Fincimex into civilian hands.

” There are no limitations for a criminal federal government in the imposition of policies that restrict contacts, interaction, and shared help in between both nations,” said the island’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez.

Fincimex has 400 locations throughout the nation that it runs/operates with Western Union.

According to price quotes from Miami-based Havana Consulting Group, the United States business processes about half of the $ 3.7 billion yearly that show up as remittances to the island. Western Union and other businesses are anticipated to end their services in Cuba on November 23rd.

Cuba has a one-party system of the federal government, where the military controls the majority of the economy of the nation. It is unclear how putting the circulation of remittances in the hands of a civil organization might impact the army given that they have control over state banks.


The State Department likewise required this Thursday that Cuba provide the humanitarian help gathered in Miami and sent it out to the island “to benefit countless individuals.”

” Thanks to the United States enormous volumes of farming items, medications, medical devices, and humanitarian products showing up in Cuba. Considering that in 1992, the United States has exported $ 1 billion to Cuba. In 2019 the United States exported $ 3.7 dollars of medical products to Cuba to support the Cubans, “stated Tekach.

” The United States attempts to correct the failure of the Cuban federal government to feed its own people,” included the diplomat, who defined the circumstance on the island with long lines to get food and fundamental needs.

” The government makes its individuals suffer. We the Cuban authorities to permit the circulation of medical materials and food to some 15 thousand households that require these materials, “he stated.


The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) rejected licenses to 2 charters that meant to perform freight flights to Cuba, suspended it in October.

Skyway Enterprises, Inc. (Skyway) and IBC Airways, Inc. (IBC) asked the Department of Transportation for licenses for flights of humanitarian items since they are freight carriers in between both sides of the Straits of Florida.

DOT rejected both licenses, arguing that it does so at the demand of the State Department. Takech ensured that exceptions have been made “for personal charters through genuine and transparent channels.”

” We understand they are working,” he stated.

The Cuban foreign minister explained the restriction on humanitarian freight flights as “a callous act.”

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