What Is Vitamin C Good For? Will It Fight the Coronavirus?

Will vitamin C Fight Coronavirus?

So, what is vitamin C good for you ask?, Well, let us start by saying that most understand that it is among the most preferred overall health nutritional supplements that serve as a stimulus for the body’s immune system. 

The latest research study uncovered that vitamin C could possibly play a huge part in cancer cells prevention, and some are even saying that it protects against the COVID-19 virus.

Below is what people need to understand about the claims entailing vitamin C and the COVID-19:

Of course, several seriously sick people have already been cared for using high-dose intravenous vitamin C.

Nonetheless, there has still no apparent clinical proof that this stuff is a powerful therapy with regard to the infection.

A research study has been started consisting of 140 coronavirus clients throughout Wuhan, China, the nerve center of the coronavirus, according to sources, is already in progress to figure out the usefulness of high-dose vitamin C on individuals having serious respiratory systems contaminations.

As a part of the research study, people are going to get at least 12 grams of vitamin C through INTRAVENOUS, two times each day – considerably greater than the 75 to 90-milligram day-to-day allotment suggested through Health Canada when it comes to the average person.

The research study will NOT be finished before fall, and no findings have actually been released as of yet.

Types of food Sources

A number of forms regarding vitamin C are actually cabbage, cauliflower, guava, kiwi, papaya as well as strawberries.

Who Exactly Needs Additional Vitamin C?

Despite the fact that everybody needs vitamin C, there are other folks that need to have it a lot more than us.

Who exactly are these people and what is vitamin C good for?

1. Seniors, Men, and women over 60

As we age, our capacity or capability to soak up vitamin C is lowered.

2. Cigarette smokers

Smoking cigarettes does not just damage the lungs but it likewise exhausts vitamin C out of the physical body.

3. Going through Surgical treatment

Assuming that you are going through or just went through some sort of surgery, well then, you would certainly need to have a boosted dosage of vitamin C since your body system will require it to recuperate.

How does it help against cancer cells?

Vitamin C reduces the effects of the free radicals and therefore reducing the possibility of many forms of cancer cells from cultivating.

People that consume vitamin C on a regular basis have actually proven to be at a reduced danger of acquiring malignant tumors.


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