When Will The Canadian COVID-19 End?

The Canadian COVID-19 Update

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People are starting to ask, when will the Canadian COVID-19 end?  Trapped in their homes for weeks on lockdown or quarantine, Most want to resume normal life as soon as possible.

But, the government seems to have different plans, as it announces to extend corona lockdown for “many weeks or months.”
Canada takes strict measures to stop the spread of diseases within its borders. Recently, the government has decided to extend the corona lockdown until further notice to take over the wave of COVID-19 prevailing in the country.

The news of increased lock-down came forth on Wednesday when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that “the corona lockdown would sustain for many more weeks, as any haste in reopening the economy could throw the country into a new wave of cases”.

We cannot be in a rush to get things going again because if we move too quickly to loosen all these controls, everything we are doing might have been for nothing,” said Trudeau. He further communicated,” We need to continue doing what we are doing for many more weeks.”

According to the latest statistics, the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country exceeds 32,000, and the death toll mounts to 1,346.

Trudeau added that there had been many discussions regarding reopening in recent days. “It is not happening yet, he said. “When the experts tell us we can reopen the economy a little bit, we will take very careful steps and do that.” Last week, he gave an indication of loosening restrictions in some areas, possibly in the summer.

Seemingly, the country is moving in the right direction of controlling the disease, as Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, reports that the number of cases in the country now doubles every ten days, compared to the three days recorded in late-March, “many experts see absolutely no evidence of that claim” say, insiders. Considering this, it is expected that the country will overcome the recent wave of the cases soon. Still, there is a much-anticipated threat of new “wavelets” to follow, “until some vaccine is developed” said, Tam.

Many have started to suspect and question if this is all about the “mandatory vaccinations”, that was suggested by Bill Gates a few days back.

To prevent any new wave of the disease from developing in the country, Canada has also decided to extend the border-restrictions with the U.S. for 30 more days.

The decision comes in the wake of rapid disease spread recorded in the U.S. during the recent days, which could potentially aggravate the situation in Canada, too, if “traveling between the two countries is not monitored closely”, sources claimed.


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