WHO is NOT Recommending Vaccine Passports

World Well being Group Govt Tedros Adhanom mentioned to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil that the WHO is “NOT recommending” vaccine passports and even lockdowns “for proper now, at the very least,” and that the vaccinations do “NOT defend towards COVID.”

So, WHY is the mainstream media not following up on this breaking information? effectively, they’re within the pockets of BIG Pharma and Authorities leaders that LOVE Energy, management, and above all MONEY.

OK, let’s get again to the excellent news.

On the 2021 G20 Summit right here in Rome on Oct Thirtieth-Thirty first, Chief Bolsonaro and WHO Administrator Adhanom talked concerning the state of COVID inoculations, vaccination passports, the economical prices relating to these lockdowns, in addition to numerous different issues regarding the world’s response to the proclaimed so-called COVID-19 pandemic.

Their dialog was really tape-recorded, as Adhanom spoke in English though Bolsonaro interacted with the Ethiopian public-health emperor/ZAR by the use of a linguist. Bolsonaro kicked off the dialogue by asking concerning the influence of COVID constraints, consisting of solitary confinements, concerning the financial local weather, and even when there was really any sort of “previous scrutiny” by the WHO regarding the execution of those sorts of actions.

This matter was even mentioned on a Brazilian radio broadcast, right here is that link.

At present, there are in extra of 100 analysis critiques or research that display and show that naturally attained immunity is unquestionably equal to or even perhaps MORE highly effective and superior to current vaccinations. but all fall on deaf ears, this simply frustrates folks like me to no finish…

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