WHO – Suggests Ways to Combat Corona Stress

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How to Combat Corona Stress since the Coronavirus has already claimed 165,000 lives till now and 2.5 million confirmed cases have put the world on alert.

Countries are locking down and preparing to face corona. This crisis has raised the stress level of people to new highs.

Hence, the World Health Organization and the great minds of the health industry are suggesting taking the following measures to curb the rising stress in the individual lives of people.

  • If you feel stress, confusion, or sadness it is better to contact your trusted friends and family and consider your emotions as normal behavior during the corona crises.

  • Stay at home but maintain a healthy lifestyle by ensuring proper sleep, diet, exercise, and social contact through the internet.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by this crisis, it is better to discuss it with health professionals or counselors rather than opting for smoking, alcohol, or other drugs.

  • Gather reliable information regarding the crises through reliable websites and take precautionary measures accordingly.

  • Create new interesting activities in the environment around you while keeping your safe regular activities and routine.

  • Discuss the crisis in a reassuring, positive, and supportive way with the help of facts.

  • Children need extra care in a crisis like so listen to their concerns and provide them love and care in a supportive way.

  • Try every possible safe step to ensure that children live with parents. However, in case of hospitalization, maintain contact through the internet.

  • Remember the skills that you acquire during difficult times and use them to cross this crisis.

  • Minimize the media consumption which you perceive as upsetting.

In conclusion, stress is an additional problem in this time of crisis. Although the crisis will be solved with the collective will of all the people and governments.

However, the individual person can take these steps to decrease stress levels in this crisis and this minimization in stress can contribute heavily in passing through this difficult time.

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