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YOUNGSTOWN — For the first time in nearly 30 years, many part-time Youngstown State University faculty members will receive pay raises of more than 2 percent, effective this semester.

Those with doctorate or Juris Doctor degrees will see 2.4 percent raises, Brien Smith, provost and vice president of academic affairs, announced Monday.

In addition, part-timers with master’s degrees will receive 2.5 percent increases and such faculty with baccalaureate degrees, or equivalent qualifications, will be the recipients of 2.3 percent raises, Smith noted.

Also Monday, the provost announced the addition of five new associate deans who will assist college deans with a variety of administrative duties, as well as address administrative and operational questions or challenges. The five are:

• Joy C, Erb, Cliffe College of Creative Arts;

• Carol Lamb, interim associate dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics;

• Sara Michaliszyn, Bitonte College of Health and Human Services;

• Alan Tomhave, Beeghly College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Education;

• Christina Saenger, Williamson College of Business Administration.

The university also has hired 19 new faculty members, beginning this semester, Smith noted.

They are:

• Sabrina Cali, health professions;

• Jeong Hoon Choi, marketing and managing;

• John DeSantis, Rayen School of Engineering;

• David Frank, psychological sciences and counseling;

• Dessalegn Guyo, social work;

• Adam Howard, Dana School of Music and University Theater;

• Bilal Kalkan, psychological sciences and counseling;

• Sarah Marotti, Centofanti School of Nursing;

• Shareece Mashiska, Centofanti School of Nursing;

• Christopher Mela, Rayen School of Engineering;

• Stephan Moldovan, Rayen School of Engineering;

• Charles Morgan, social work;

• Saleem Ramadan, Rayen School of Engineering;

• Rodney Rock, Education and Leadership Studies;

• Ghassan Salim, Rayen School of Engineering;

• Li “Linda” Sui, chemical and biological sciences;

• Charles Vandyke, criminal justice and consumer sciences;

• Jennifer Walker, Centofanti School of Nursing;

• Rongyao Zhang, accounting and finance.

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